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Re: [libvirt-users] Migrate KVM Guest OS failed

于 2011年07月18日 08:54, zhang xintao 写道:
Dear All
          I used Virsh  live Migrate KVM Guest OS failed
          error: unable to set user and group to '104:106' on
'/mnt/run2/N2-WINDOWS-XP-1':Invalid argument

          /mnt/run2/ is a directory of local nfs server
          another host using nfs client share this directory

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commit 62ed801c13787cc844e75db7cd2d4c8a42454fcc
Author: Laine Stump<laine laine org>
Date:   Fri Jun 3 11:59:09 2011 -0400

    security driver: ignore EINVAL when chowning an image file

    This fixes:


    Both of these complain of a failure to use an image file that resides
    on a read-only NFS volume. The function in the DAC security driver
    that chowns image files to the qemu user:group before using them
    already has special cases to ignore failure of chown on read-only file
    systems, and in a few other cases, but it hadn't been checking for
    EINVAL, which is what is returned if the qemu user doesn't even exist
    on the NFS server.

    Since the explanation of EINVAL in the chown man page almost exactly
    matches the log message already present for the case of EOPNOTSUPP,

    I've just added EINVAL to that same conditional.

The above commit fixed your problem, you might mount the nfs on the dest

host in readonly mode. So you have two choices to work around the problem, 1) update
libvirt with this fix, unfortunately, the fix is in realeases since 0.9.2. 2) mount
your nfs in proper permission mode on destination host.


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