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[libvirt-users] with current libvirt git virsh expects vbox, refuses kvm define

Okay, just installed libvirt from today's git on two Ubuntu systems. The
first one went fine (except for continuation of the problem that virsh and
virt-manager cannot connect to 0.8.3 systems that's been there in the 0.9.x
libvirts) ... but on the second, after install, "virsh list --all" presents
nothing. And:

  # virsh define tu1004.xml 
  error: Failed to define domain from tu1004.xml
  error: internal error unexpected domain type kvm, expecting vbox

These are _exactly_ the same xml files as are still working on the first
system. And in both cases the new libvirt was built with defaults. Long ago
the second system did have VirtualBox on it, so that may have been found
while it was setting up config, but that's no good reason for KVM to fail
here, right?

Must be a thing with the git. Ran the 0.9.3 release built on this system
previously without this problem.


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