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Re: [libvirt-users] with current libvirt git virsh expects vbox, refuses kvm define

> Are you sure that libvirt 0.9.3 and before had VirtualBox support
> compiled in? If not then VirtualBox can not supersede QEMU in the
> autodetection. That might explain it, but I don't see how that can
> happen apart from you explicitly disabling VirtualBox support at
> configure time.

libvirt 0.9.3:

configure:57866: Drivers
configure:57870:      Xen: no
configure:57872:     QEMU: yes
configure:57874:      UML: yes
configure:57876:   OpenVZ: yes
configure:57878:   VMware: yes
configure:57880:     VBox: yes
configure:57882:   XenAPI: no
configure:57884: xenlight: no
configure:57886:      LXC: yes
configure:57888:     PHYP: no
configure:57890:      ESX: no
configure:57892:     Test: yes
configure:57894:   Remote: yes
configure:57896:  Network: yes
configure:57898: Libvirtd: yes
configure:57900:    netcf: no                             
configure:57902:  macvtap: yes
configure:57904: virtport: yes

libvirt 0.9.3 + git (yesterday's)

configure:58371: Drivers
configure:58375:      Xen: no
configure:58377:     QEMU: yes
configure:58379:      UML: yes
configure:58381:   OpenVZ: yes
configure:58383:   VMware: yes
configure:58385:     VBox: yes
configure:58387:   XenAPI: no
configure:58389: xenlight: no
configure:58391:      LXC: yes
configure:58393:     PHYP: no
configure:58395:      ESX: yes
configure:58397:     Test: yes
configure:58399:   Remote: yes
configure:58401:  Network: yes
configure:58403: Libvirtd: yes
configure:58405:    netcf: no 
configure:58407:  macvtap: yes
configure:58409: virtport: yes

(Hmm. Picked up ESX meanwhile.)


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