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[libvirt-users] qemu:///session vs qemu:///system


I am running several QEMU VMs on a host machine. There's different persons being responsible for different VMs.

I would like to find a way to allow everybody to manage just the VMs they are assigned to (i.e. insert some ISO file, stop the machine and so on) without allowing them to disturb the other VMs.

Also, I would like to allow these persons to set up new VMs (there's plenty of unallocated storage) without having to ask me (root) to do it for them, but without allowing them to delete other VMs. (Just setting user rights on the filesystem is not enough, as I use LVM volumes which are not assigned to a user in the typical sense, are they?)

I know that most of this could probably be achieved by using qemu:///session instead of qemu:///system. However, I read that there's networking issue in this case (which issues precisely?), and I am also not sure if there's other disadvantages like less efficient handling in some situations by the kernel, or whatever. Is anybody there who could clarify this for me?

Thank you,

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