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Re: [libvirt-users] management tools for kvm

Am 28.07.2011 17:06, schrieb Whit Blauvelt:

> Depending how you've got things set up DRBD-MC (a Java app) is
> getting to the point of usefulness
> (http://www.drbd.org/download/drbd-mc/). It works best if you're
> using DRBD & Pacemaker with your VMs, but it's possible to use just
> the VM-management features.

That looks promising at first glance, but maybe a bit too much for
installing it on the customers WinXP-box. The customers I need this for
would be overwhelmed, even with the "operator"-mode of DRBD-MC. But I
will review this closer ...

I am looking for something like


for XP, just to give the customer a way to interact with his virtual
boxes, to check if they are running and press "Start" if they somehow
crashed or something (I monitor the VMs via script, yes, but you know ...)

Giving them putty and "virsh list" and "virsh start" is a poor thing,
especially as noobs don't see the value and power behind the
virtualization host. A GUI-centric windows-user isn't impressed by a
plain shell command ;-)


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