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Re: [libvirt-users] management tools for kvm

2011/7/28 Stefan G. Weichinger <lists xunil at>:
> Am 28.07.2011 19:23, schrieb Eric Blake:
>> Should be doable - there are existing ports of python, ssh, libvirt, and
>> other prereqs to virt-manager all built for mingw, such that it should
>> be possible to use virt-manager directly on windows.
> Interesting. I'd be happy to hear from someone how much effort this
> needs. You know, I shouldn't have to install dozens of pkgs to the
> XP-box, taking hrs of work maybe ;-)
> Maybe I give it a try on a test-XP tmrw.
> Thanks, S

I have that basically working, see


That's a bunch of scripts that build libvirt using mingw on Windows.
It also covers virt-manager, but there are still many things to port
and fix until virt-manager works properly on Windows, as it assume a
Linux specific things in some places.

But virsh is working and tested with TCP and TLS transport. SSH
transport wasn't tested yet, so I don't know if it work properly,

At some point there will probably be an installer for libvirt and
virt-manager for Windows, but we're not there yet. A prebuild
installer for libvirt and virsh can be found here


Unfortunately it's a bit outdated.

Matthias Bolte

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