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Re: [libvirt-users] management tools for kvm

Am 28.07.2011 19:50, schrieb Matthias Bolte:

> I have that basically working, see
> https://github.com/photron/msys_setup

Wow, amazing!

> That's a bunch of scripts that build libvirt using mingw on Windows.
> It also covers virt-manager, but there are still many things to port
> and fix until virt-manager works properly on Windows, as it assume a
> Linux specific things in some places.

Oh, that's unfortunate (for me).

> But virsh is working and tested with TCP and TLS transport. SSH
> transport wasn't tested yet, so I don't know if it work properly,
> maybe.
> At some point there will probably be an installer for libvirt and
> virt-manager for Windows, but we're not there yet. A prebuild
> installer for libvirt and virsh can be found here
> http://libvirt.org/windows.html
> Unfortunately it's a bit outdated.

Will check that soon, maybe tmrw.

Only having virsh on windows seems a bit pointless for my needs, as a
putty-session to my linux-hosts does the same CLI-based stuff ... or am
I wrong?

If I were more of a coder I would maybe be able to hack something on top
of that, small binary showing "domain importantVM is running" and giving
the chance to start/stop it. Not more.

Just think of the boss at your customers site. They need their server
and they should be able to simply start it when the power went down or
somthing, and for some reason libvirt does not start the domain even as
it has been set to autostart (I have one of those!).


I have a quickanddirty-solution in form of a (crontabbed) shell-script:

grep "virsh list" for "my vm is running", if error, "virsh start" it and
mail the admin (me).

This helps ... and keeps my phone quiet in the morning ...

I know there are way more sophisticated tools out of the
cluster-toolbox, but for my small customers this is overkill most of the

Greets and thanks, Stefan

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