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[libvirt-users] Re: management tools for kvm

The 28/07/11, Stefan G. Weichinger wrote:
> Am 28.07.2011 19:50, schrieb Matthias Bolte:

> Only having virsh on windows seems a bit pointless for my needs, as a
> putty-session to my linux-hosts does the same CLI-based stuff ... or am
> I wrong?
> If I were more of a coder I would maybe be able to hack something on top
> of that, small binary showing "domain importantVM is running" and giving
> the chance to start/stop it. Not more.
> Just think of the boss at your customers site. They need their server
> and they should be able to simply start it when the power went down or
> somthing, and for some reason libvirt does not start the domain even as
> it has been set to autostart (I have one of those!).

We have the exact same needs. We want our customers to be able to
just start/stop VMs and check the state of the machines.

Honestly, I've been disappointed in the past by the libvirt API changing
too fast (breaking our "snapshot-to-the-NAS" tool). This is why I rely on
virsh commands rather than libvirt directly, for now.

I've already started something using the same backend logic but it's not
finished and too dirty to be published.

I wonder if libvirt-php couldn't add some very simple API (not moving so
far) for our particular use case. If so, I may start a (very simple) web
interface. I guess it would be enough for most users.

Nicolas Sebrecht

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