[libvirt-users] Shared Folders

Guilherme Santos guisgb13 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 1 19:52:56 UTC 2011

Good afternoon.

I am having trouble trying to set up shared folders in the guest VM using
VirtualBox hypervisor. No matter what configuration is defined in my XML, it
never works, I mean, no shared folder is added/specifyed, then, inside the
guest, when I try to mount the folder, I always get a protocol error.

If I use VirtualBoxManage, I can add/specify shared folders easily and mount
it with no problem.

I need to use libvirt in order to deal, in a generalized way, with the
process of creating shared folders in all hypervisors supported by libvirt,
otherwise my problem would be solved already. I must not use specific
commands of a certain hypervisor (such as VirtualBoxManage's).

How does libvirt allow me to set up shared folders? Does it use
VirtualBoxManage for VBox hypervisors? If so, how do I use it?
I've read the documentation and followed it in defining my XMLs.

Thanks anyway!
Guilherme Santos G. Baptista
Undergraduate in Computer Science at UFCG
LSD - Distributed Systems Laboratory
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