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[libvirt-users] old, deleted LUN still showing up after a virsh pool-refresh

Today I upgraded one of our KVM physical host servers to Centos 5.6. The other server remains on Centos 5.5. I've configured a storage pool in libvirt to use LUNs from an iscsi storage system as the volumes for each VM.

After the upgrade, I decommisioned one of the VMs and removed the LUN from the storage system. Normally after this kind of operation, I simply need to run this command and the server will see that the LUN no longer exists and remove the volume.

# virsh pool-refresh --pool=dev-kvm-storage
Pool dev-kvm-storage refreshed

This works fine on the centos 5.5 host, but the centos 5.6 still lists the old lun in the vol-list and displays zeros for the capacity.

# virsh vol-info --pool=dev-kvm-storage
Type:           block
Capacity:       0.00
Allocation:     0.00

Do I need to do something different now for the newer version of libvirt that is included with centos 5.6?

Here are the kernel and libvirt versions I'm using:

Centos 5.6:

Centos 5.5:

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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