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[libvirt-users] Checking if the VM has been created

I'm a Libvirt newbie and I'd really appreciate it if someone could answer my doubts. I'm using Libvirt's Java API.
My doubts:

1.Currently, I'm able to create a VM on Ubuntu 11.04 using Libvirt functions domainCreateLinux() and domainDefineXML(). Apart fromt the boolean return status of these operations and running the virsh list command, is there any way to SSH in (login) to the newly created VMs  and run applications on them? I tried running virsh console but nothing comes up. Also I tried fixing the XML file to accommodate the console operation(link) but that was unsuccessful too.

2. If yes, how can I get the IP of the VM created?

3. Is there any function to create image files(in any format qcow or qcow2) using Libvirt API? Right now, I'm using a shell script which creates the image from it's iso.

Thanks in advance
P Ramesh

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