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[libvirt-users] virt-manager / ssh (publickey)

Good day All,

I have experienced the following ...

I have a rhel 6.1 server running qemu-kvm. I have setup my desktop for
a publickey login (root user) to said server so that I may manage the
server (qemu-kvm) via the desktop with virt-manager.

However, I connect just fine, but cannot create vm's. I get :

"No hypervisor options where found for this connection"

My laptop does run qemu-kvm via virt-manager and so I decided to setup
a publickey login as before and guess what ... I can create vm's. It
seems virt-manager bases the creation of vm's based on the hardware /
software of the machine it is launched from and not the machine it is
connecting to.

Is there a workaround / config change etc that can be done so that
virt-manager uses the hardware / software configuration of the system
it is connecting to ?


Shaun Glass

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