[libvirt-users] IPs of VMs on KVM

Mihamina Rakotomandimby mihamina at rktmb.org
Fri Sep 9 12:01:27 UTC 2011

On 09/09/2011 01:59 PM, PREETHI RAMESH wrote:
> How can I find the IPs of the VMs using libvirt function?

The VM can manage it's IP adress itself: may be static or dynamic.
To know the IP adress, I'd sugges to to use the tools you use to use for 
a "real" network.

But, you are lucky on the host you have "iptables".
I suggest you to look at the "LOG" target: http://is.gd/TFy6KQ

The MAC & IP will then be visible in the logs (syslog, or somewhere else)


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