[libvirt-users] Updating librvirt on the STD Distros

KB kberger65 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 12 17:33:33 UTC 2011


This is my first time posting, I apologize in advance if it is too
much of a "newbie" question  I am working on a project with libvirt
and want to use some of the features in the 0.9.4 release.  The first
platform I wanted to test this on is RHEL 5.7.  I have d/l libvirt and
compiled but have the following questions

1)  RHEL 5.7 ships with libvirt version, 0.8.2-22. I am guessing that
I can not simple overwrite the existing files with the files from
0.9.4.  Is there a way to upgrade to 0.9.4? Do I need to build an rpm
so that the version is properly reported in the rpm db?  I am also
guessing some of the other packages the rely on libvirt may no longer
work.  In addition, I would imagine RH does not support doing this.

To summarize, can the lbivrit on RHEL be upgraded and if so does
anyone have any info they can point me to?

2) If there is not a way to update RHEL, is there a different distro
CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora that is a better choice to test my project on?

3)  I am also guessing if my project is using API's that are not in
0.8.2-22 but are in 0.9.4., I will not be able to connect remotely to
the RHEL server and have them pull the data correctly. For example, I
want to use virDomainGetMemoryParameters.

Thanks in advance.


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