[libvirt-users] How to install libvirt 0.9.4 RPM on Fedora 14?

Soeren Grunewald soeren.grunewald at avionic-design.de
Wed Sep 14 07:09:05 UTC 2011


If i remember correctly you'll also need to update xen-libs and qemu in 
order to use virtio disks. Since libvirt does not correctly passes the 
argument to qemu. Instead of disk=...,if=virtio it passes 
disk=...,if=none. With older versions of qemu (< 0.15.x) this will lead 
to non booting vm's when using virtio.


On 09/13/2011 06:13 PM, Laine Stump wrote:
> On 09/13/2011 08:53 AM, Guido Winkelmann wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm trying to install the newest version of libvirt and libvirt-client from
>> the rpms at ftp://libvirt.org/libvirt/ on a Fedora 14 machine. The naming of
>> the rpms as "libvirt-0.9.4-1.fc14.x86_64.rpm" suggests that this is exactly
>> the system this was made for, however, installation still does not go
>> smoothly.
>> When I try to install these packages with
>> yum install libvirt-client-0.9.4-1.fc14.x86_64.rpm \
>> libvirt-0.9.4-1.fc14.x86_64.rpm
>> , some of the dependencies get resolved automatically, but not all of them,
>> and I get these error messages:
>> Error: Package: libvirt-0.9.4-1.fc14.x86_64 (/libvirt-0.9.4-1.fc14.x86_64)
>>              Requires: libblktapctl.so.1.0()(64bit)
>> Error: Package: libvirt-client-0.9.4-1.fc14.x86_64 (/libvirt-
>> client-0.9.4-1.fc14.x86_64)
>>              Requires: libnetcf.so.1(NETCF_1.4.0)(64bit)
>> Error: Package: libvirt-0.9.4-1.fc14.x86_64 (/libvirt-0.9.4-1.fc14.x86_64)
>>              Requires: libnetcf.so.1(NETCF_1.4.0)(64bit)
>> Apparently, I need newer versions of netcf-libs and xen-libs. Where do I get
>> these from? There don't appear to be any official rpms or that for Fedora
>> 14...
> libvirt-0.9.4 uses netcf APIs that were added in netcf-0.1.9. I had made
> Fedora 14 and Fedora 15 builds of netcf-0.1.9 last month, but forgot to
> push them to stable (and they weren't autopushed because nobody gave
> them karma). I just did this now, so as long as you have the updates
> repo turned on, sometime later today you should be able to "yum update"
> and get the version of netcf you need to run libvirt-0.9.4.
> I'm not sure what the deal is with the version of xen-libs. My F14 box
> (which has updates, updates-testing, and virt-preview repos all enabled)
> has xen-libs-4.0.2, which seems to be new enough to build and install
> the newest libvirt, but it looks like it doesn't have that file (or else
> I'm looking in the wrong place).
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