[libvirt-users] Libvirt daemon usage question

Trey Dockendorf treydock at gmail.com
Wed Sep 14 22:52:10 UTC 2011

On Sep 14, 2011 5:13 PM, "Eric Blake" <eblake at redhat.com> wrote:
> [let's keep the list in the loop]
> On 09/14/2011 04:07 PM, Trey Dockendorf wrote:
>>> Given your original qeustion, if your management apps really do require
>> 0.8.8 APIs, then you'll need to upgrade libvirtd on your CentOS host to
>> at least 0.8.8 in order to honor your management app requests, or else
>> modify your management app to gracefully implement fallbacks to older API
>> approaches that were available in 0.8.1.
>> How risky is it to implement a newer version of libvirt in something like
>> centos?  I figure based on the huge number of dependencies that its not
>> something to safely do.  So far we building my libvirt rpms Ive only used
>> the same source for the version with centos and the libvirt specs
>> in the fedora src rpms.  Do the specs know to check for specific versions
>> dependencies?
> There's not that many source dependencies for building a newer libvirt
out-of-the-box on top of CentOS.  You might also find
https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Virtualization_Preview_Repository as a useful
example for the amount of effort involved in running newer virt tools on top
of an otherwise stable repository.  Also, search the list archives; the
topic of installing the latest libvirt on CentOS or RHEL 5 has come up
several times recently, with various tidbits of good advice.
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Ah sorry, didnt mean to send off list.  First time replying from my phone.

Ill check that out, thanks.  Ive seen that repo and will hopefully be able
to get a test system together.  What should I look out for when attempting
an upgrade from the CentOS release( 0.8.1)?  My worry is it will look like
everything works while testing and I wont find the bugs in this idea until I
move it to my production server.

- Trey
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