[libvirt-users] Difficutlies with lp port

Anselmo anselmo at darviniano.eu
Fri Sep 30 09:39:21 UTC 2011


I'm using libvirt on debian as host and Windows XP Home as guest.
I would like to pass the /dev/parport0 to XP to attach a printer.

I use virt-manager. When I add a parallel port as a "dev" type I got 
this conf file:
<parallel type='dev'>
       <source path='/dev/parport0'/>
       <target port='0'/>

And this command line:

-chardev tty,id=charparallel0,path=/dev/parport0
-device isa-parallel,chardev=charparallel0,id=parallel0

The first parameter is "tty".Should not it be "parport"?

Anyway I never see any parallel port on the guest with these options. 
Even starting kvm from the command line.

While is seems to work immediatly using the kvm option:
"-parallel /dev/parport0"

Where i've made a mistake? Or how can I just tell libvirt to use the 
"-parallel" option instead.

Thank's for your help
Anselmo Luginbühl

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