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[libvirt-users] libvirt 0.9.4-23 on CentOS 6.2 with xen support

Hi, all

I am trying to install xen on CentOS 6.2. (64 bit on Intel CPU). I am at the stage when xen kernel is app and running and xend is running. Next issue is that I am getting following message when tyring to run virt-manager:

no connection driver available for No connection for URI xen:///

Some Google search pointed me to the fact that libvirt as installed from CentOS repository is not built with xen support. I found some quides on how to rebuild libvirt from source with patches for xen support and follow them.

I am trying to rebuild libvirt version 0.9.4-23, as this is the rpm that was installed on CentOS.

I am getting an error as I build the rpm. xencapstest fails.

So, there are few questions:
1. Is there an easier way to get libvirt to work with xen?
2. If rebuilding of RPM is the only option, how do I fix xencaps error?

P.S. Guide I am trying to follow is:

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