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Re: [libvirt-users] virt-install: "ERROR Host does not support any virtualization options"

On 2/8/12 12:52 AM, Cole Robinson wrote:
On 02/07/2012 08:11 AM, Felix Blanke wrote:

I tried (most) of your use flags without any change.

Maybe it's because my CPU is very new and qemu-kvm-1.0-r2 has problem with
that. Whatever, I'm fine with the 9999 version.

Still needs to get a tutorial how to use vde with virt-install. Can't find
anything in the net :(

The root cause is that older libvirt failed at parsing the qemu 1.0 version
string. Please file a bug with your distro and ask them to backport this fix
so other users won't hit the same problem:


- Cole

Hi Cole,

you're right. I installed libvirt-0.9.8 (instead of 0.9.6) and it works fine with qemu-1.0-r2.

Gentoo doesn't have to backport it. There is 0.9.8 allready in portage, but masked (means not 100% stable). But qemu-kvm-1.0-r2 is also marked as masked. Therefore it is only a combination of one masked (qemu-kvm-1.0-r2) and one unmasked (libvirt-0.9.6) package, which isn't anything I could complain about :) Maybe I should fill in a "bug" report that if qemu-kvm is unmasked they need to unmask libvirt, too. I'll thing about it.

Thank you for clearing things up.

Kind regards,
Felix Blanke

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