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[libvirt-users] java binding

Hi all,
I'm trying to use the libvirt event system in order to notify the VM
status (VM boot, reboot, crash, etc.). I must use the java binding, so
I exposed some calls not present in "Libvirt-java" jna interface:

(and several costant).

In my java source I tried to intercept the event, using the
"Connection.domainEventRegisterAny( ... )" call , but the "answer"
"this function is not supported by the connection driver: no event
support". No errors issued on the  virEventRunDefaultImpl and
virEventRegisterDefaultImpl (moreover, both the calls return "0" ).

I do not know the libvirt internals, so my question is : it is
possible to call the libvirt events calls  using java binding? Can you
tell me the issues involved in this task?
I'm thinking to build a native library and use jni or use jython as


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