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Re: [libvirt-users] Error deleting a volume

Hello Alex,

Thank you for the reply. Below is my environment setup:

Ubuntu 10.04.3 LTS
libvirt-bin             0.7.5-5ubuntu27.20
libsys-virt-perl        0.2.3-1
perl                    5.10.1-8ubuntu2.1

Best regards,
Bogdan Katynski

From: Alex Jia <ajia redhat com>
To: Bo Bo <bodziec81 yahoo com>
Cc: "libvirt-users redhat com" <libvirt-users redhat com>
Sent: Friday, February 17, 2012 6:37 AM
Subject: Re: [libvirt-users] Error deleting a volume

On 02/16/2012 09:52 PM, Bo Bo wrote:
Hello group.

This is my first post here so first of all I'd like to greet everybody reading this group.

Secondly, I have a problem with libvirt used from a perl script. I would like to undefine a domain and afterwards delete the volume that had been attached to the domain as a disk. The volume is a qcow2 file and is placed in a 'dir' type pool. I succeed in undefining the domain but trying to delete a volume using $vol->delete() crashes the libvirtd. The script catches an exception:
Hi Bogdan,
The libvirtd works well after using $vol->delete() to delete a volume for me,  so I want to know your
environment such as libvirt, perl-Sys-Virt version and os platform etc.


libvirt error code: 38, message: server closed connection

and the init process echoes an entry to the log:

init: libvirt-bin main process (6999) killed by ABRT signal

When I try to list volumes afterwards using virsh, I see that not only the volume, but also the pool are missing. Moreover the pool that holds a backing storage for the qcow2 file is also missing. It seems that the delete operation actualy succeeds because the file gets deleted from disk as well. Fortunately the backing storage file is still present on the disk although its  pool in virsh disappears.

Has anybody come across a similar problem before? Any help is highly appreciated.

Best regards
Bogdan Katynski
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