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[libvirt-users] Bug? virGetLastError() returns NULL after virDomainCreate() if Domain running already


As the subject line indicates, when I'm calling virDomainCreate() to start a 
defined domain, and that command fails because the domain is already running at 
that point, virGetLastError() will return NULL, instead of a proper pointer to 
an error code.
Libvirt will, however, print an error to the console:

libvir: QEMU error : Requested operation is not valid: domain is already 

This looks like a bug to me, and I'm fairly certain that earlier version would 
return an error code of VIR_ERR_OPERATION_INVALID at that point. Or maybe that 
was just virDomainDestroy(), and I'm just blindly assuming that 
virDomainCreate() will work analogously...

Anyway, no error code is bad, because I can't tell what happened.

This is version 0.9.8. I couldn't find anything about this issue in the 
changelogs for 0.9.9 and 0.9.10, so I'm assuming the issue has not been 
addressed since.


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