[libvirt-users] [LIBVIRT] Xen issue.

Matthias Bolte matthias.bolte at googlemail.com
Wed Jan 4 16:27:25 UTC 2012

2012/1/4 Armand Leclercq <armand.leclercq at gmail.com>:
> Hi everybody,
> I'ld to use virsh over ssh in order to connect to my xen hypervisor from one
> of my DomU.
> I tried:
> virsh -c xen+ssh://root@ list --all
> And it correctly listed the started virtual computers.
> And when I tried
> virsh connect xen+ssh://root@
> And I got.
> error: no connection driver available for xen:///
> error: failed to connect to the hypervisor
> Does that mean I wrongly configured my computers or that libvirt does not
> support such connection from a DomU.

Your configuration is fine, but you are probably using a libvirt
version older than 0.9.2.

There is a difference between the -c option and the connect command in
virsh. Without the -c option libvirt tries to auto-detect the
connection URI and fails and then never tries the connection URI you
gave to the connect command.

So either use the -c option instead of the connect command, or update
your libvirt version to 0.9.2 or newer to make the connect command
working as expected in your case.

Matthias Bolte

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