[libvirt-users] Looking for feedback

Zorg zorg at probesys.com
Tue Jan 10 09:35:32 UTC 2012

Hello list!

I'm currently digging into libvirt-based virtualisation
infrastructure (KVM/Qemu Hypervisors so far).
I have a little concern here:
Let's say we have two hypervisors (I and II), running 3 VMs
each - I runs a,b,c and II runs d,e,f. Virtual disks
are stored on a centralized storage solution, let's say a good old
cluster of NFS filers. Network configuration is homogenous on the
two hypervisors -- same bridge names to the same ethernet segments.

Basically, a, b and c are defined on I - the XML description is
stored on I. So far, so good.
Then let's say I crashes badly.
The XML descriptions for a,b, and c are lost, the process
of starting these VMs on II would involve re-defining it on II
from a backup of XML descriptions.

That's not quite an automated/fluent process, and the idea of doubling
hypervisors into a HA cluster just for that matter is clearly overkill
to me.

Are you, by chance, aware of an OpenSource libvirt-based solution that is
able to keep track of each VM xmldesc, starting lost guests as transient
domains on another hypervisor upon failure of the original hypervisor ?

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