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Thu Jan 12 07:04:59 UTC 2012

I am a developer, trying to develop a system for monitoring Servers and Virtual Machines using Libvirt API for C/C++. I am facing an issue that there are no functions for monitoring some parameters which I have listed below. I would like to know if there is any there way I can retrieve these parameters since they are critical to my Monitoring Application. Also I am using CentOS 5.6 as a development machine which only supports up to libvirt-devel package version 0.8.2 due to which I am unable to use the newer development binaries (which are only built for newer RedHat kernels) which have support for certain functions that do not work on the one I am using.
List of parameters:
For Server Monitoring:
1. Memory Swap-In
2. Memory swap-Out
3. Disk Usage
4. Disk Read
5. Disk write
6. Disk Total Read Latency
7. Disk total Write Latency
8. Network Usage
9. Network Packets Received
10. Network Packets Sent
11. CPU utilization
12. CPU Usage
For Virtual Machine Monitoring:
1. Memory Utilization
2. Memory Consumption
3. Memory swap-In
4. Memory Swap-Out
5. Disk Usage
6. Disk Read
7. Disk Write
8. Disk Total Read Latency
9. Disk total write Latency
10. Network Usage
11. Network Packets Received
12. Network Packets Transmitted
13. CPU utilization
14. CPU Usage

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