[libvirt-users] LXC with RHEL 6.1

John Paul Walters jwalters at isi.edu
Thu Jan 12 21:44:45 UTC 2012

I'm trying to start a RHEL 6.1 container on an RHEL 6.1 host through libvirt 0.9.3.  I've removed most of the startup services from the guest container, except the network and sshd.  I can get the system to boot to a login prompt and can access the console through virsh; however, as soon as I authenticate, I get the following error message:

Cannot make/remove an entry for the specified session
init: tty (/dev/tty1) main process (372) terminated with status 1
init: tty (/dev/tty1) main process ended, respawning

After this, I'm again left at the login prompt.  I'm also unable to establish an ssh session, which I assume is related to the issue I'm having with the virsh console.  Can anyone offer any suggestions as to what's going on here?  I'm using the following XML for my domain creation:

<domain type='lxc'>
  <clock offset='utc'/>
    <filesystem type='mount'>
      <source dir='/media'/>
      <target dir='/'/>
    <interface type='network'>
      <source network='default'/>
    <console type='pty' />

Any thoughts?


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