[libvirt-users] libvirt with sasl shadow backend

Robyn Bachofer r.bachofer at googlemail.com
Wed Jan 18 21:07:58 UTC 2012

Hi list,

i have a problem with virt-manager authentication over tcp.

I tried it with virt-manager over non-TLS "TCP (SASL/Kerberos)" auth. and
the sasl mechanism "shadow".
The user (tested with unprivileged user and root) is allready in the group
libvirt(d) and the process is running as root.

The result on host:
Jan 18 21:05:31 host libvirtd: 21:05:31.620: error :
remoteDispatchAuthSaslStep:3691 : sasl step failed -20 (SASL(-13): user not
found: no secret in database)

on client (virt-manager gui):
('virtConnectOpenAuth() faild')

I have tested it with tool "testsaslauthd" and their result:
e.g.: # testsaslauthd -u root -p root
0: OK "Success."

When i set it manually with saslpasswd:
#  saslpasswd2 -a libvirt root -p
it works.

Although I use, in the configuration of sasl, shadow, libvirt does not use
it (i think so).

debian6.0.3 (squeez)
libvirt 0.8.3 (deb)
sasl2.1.23 (deb)


Best regards,
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