[libvirt-users] ANNOUNCE: oz 0.8.0 release

Chris Lalancette clalancette at gmail.com
Wed Jan 25 03:01:45 UTC 2012

2012/1/14 Chris Lalancette <clalancette at gmail.com>:
>> So after freeing up enough space I tried again and got farther.
>> However this also hung forever at the "Unmounting all" stage.
>> This only happens if "customizing image", and only with SELinux on.
>> strace says: recvfrom(14,...
>> Anyway apart from the SELinux issue, I got out of the infinite wait with
>> Ctrl-C and it then proceeded to timeout as expected.
> Hm, probable SELinux problem.  I hadn't seen that, but I'll try it out
> and see what happens.

     Interestingly enough, things work just fine for me in F-15, but I
run into problems on F-16 like you did.  I'm tempted to call it a
libvirt bug in F-16, but I'm not entirely certain of that.  I'll see
if I can find sometime this weekend to narrow it down a bit.


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