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Re: [libvirt-users] About IBM PowerVM hypervisor support

2012/7/4 Dennis Chen <dennis chen tnsoft com cn>:
> Hi,
> I noticed that libvirt support the following hypervisors currently:
> The KVM/QEMU Linux hypervisor
> The Xen hypervisor on Linux and Solaris hosts.
> The LXC Linux container system
> The OpenVZ Linux container system
> The User Mode Linux paravirtualized kernel
> The VirtualBox hypervisor
> The VMware ESX and GSX hypervisors
> The VMware Workstation and Player hypervisors
> The Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisor
> "the goal of libvirt: to provide a common and stable layer sufficient to
> securely manage domains on a node, possibly remote."
> My question is, does redhat's libvirt team have the plan to support IBM
> PowerVM hypervisor? If the answer is NO, what's the reason to make the
> support for IBM PowerVM hypervisor doesn't make sense...

Well, libvirt aleady has support for the 'IBM Power Hypervisor' for a
while now, called 'phyp' internally in the codebase, see


It's just lacking documentation and for some unknown reason is not
mentioned on the homepage. We should fix this.

Matthias Bolte

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