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Re: [libvirt-users] [libvirt] numa query

On 2012年07月05日 21:50, kapil jain wrote:

I have a host machine which contains 4 numa nodes each with 2 GB memory and 4 cpus. I am using qem-kvm hypervisor.

I am trying to create a guest with the similar topology (4 numa nodes, with only 2 vcpus and 1 GB memory) as host. Each vcpu is 1-1 pinned to physical cpus(i.e. guest{socket0 cpu0} is pinned to host{socket0 cpu0). But one critical requirement is that one guest socket should not have memory from two host sockets to avoid numa access completely.

With the current constructs of numa/topology I am able to create the guest. But memory is not mapped as socket 1-1. numatune is not helping. Please suggest a possible way.

Hi, kapil,

There is no way to control the mapping between guest numa nodes
and host numa nodes via libvirt now. There are actually discussion
about this in qemu/kvm upstream:






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