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Re: [libvirt-users] Can't NAT in KVM

On 07/27/2012 09:15 AM, Borden Rhodes wrote:
> Good morning, list,
> I've been trying to get my KVM virtual machines to connect to the
> Interwebs for the last 3 hours with no success. I'm running Debian
> Wheezy (fully patched) and building virtual machines using KVM in Virt
> Manager.
> With the default, factory settings shown in virt manager, I have a
> default virtual network with the device name virbr0, which starts on
> boot and uses the default IPv4 subnets. I also have the default lo
> (loopback) network interface.
> I have tried creating a Windows 8 Release Preview machine and a
> Kubuntu Live CD machine. Despite recognising the hardware and network
> interface, neither machine will connect to the Internet. From what I
> can see in both virtual machines, it seems that neither is getting a
> DHCP lease from virbr0. I'm not sure what's broken or where to start
> looking for trouble because both the logs and the documentation are
> fairly sparse.

There is nothing in /var/log/libvirtd.log that could be used?

My wild guess would be you don't have dnsmasq installed. If yes, check
if some dnsmasq process is running any and if the default network is


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