[libvirt-users] creating a domain

John Wayne m01z04-libvirt at yahoo.com
Wed May 9 21:26:47 UTC 2012


i am a bit confused on how to start an inactive domain using the python bindings, any help would be appreciated.
(inactive as in the domain was created with virConnect.defineXML sometime in the past)

looks like i have to use virDomain.create, however virDomain.create needs a defined domain xmldesc as a parameter and i am not sure on how to get that

i guess if virConnect.create was happening right after virConnect.defineXML i could get the return value of virConnect.defineXML and pass that onto virDomain.create.
however, since the domain was created sometime in the past, i am not sure on how to get the domain ptr which virDomain.create needs


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