[libvirt-users] USB passthrough of all USB-slots to guest

eGerlach egerlach at aiai.de
Fri May 18 07:16:47 UTC 2012

* Alex Jia schrieb:

> I haven't exactly know your mean, as usual, you need to use 'lsusb' or 
> 'virsh nodedev-list --tree' and 'virsh nodedev-dumpxml XXX' to get usb's 
> bus+device or vendor+product information.

Alex, I wrote in my first posting: 

>> With qemu it's very easy:
>> # kvm -usb -usbdevice host:0.* -usbdevice host:1.*  -usbdevice host:2.* -usbdevice host:3.*  ...

Do you know this command in qemu? - A german user starts kvm  with that command and 
*any* USB devices that are plugged in *any* USB slot are  automatically connected to 
the guest VM. He needn't find out vendor and product id before.

Is such a function present in libvirt?


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