[libvirt-users] Renaming a LVM LV (where is vol-edit??)

Eric Blake eblake at redhat.com
Tue May 22 22:09:19 UTC 2012

On 05/22/2012 04:04 PM, Dax Kelson wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm using a LVM storage pool. I renamed a guest and I would like to
> change the LV name to match to avoid future confusion.
> How do i do this? There is no vol-edit command (fully updated RHEL6).

I agree that 'vol-edit' (or even a subset 'vol-rename') would be nice,
but someone has to code it up.  Meanwhile, you can use 'vol-create-from'
or 'vol-clone' to create a new volume based on the old one with
identical contents but the new name, then delete the old one; but this
is obviously storage-intensive compared to just renaming things.

Your short-term workaround may unfortunately be limited to doing things
manually with lvm commands.

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