[libvirt-users] New Bugzilla components for upstream bug reporting

Daniel P. Berrange berrange at redhat.com
Mon May 28 08:49:42 UTC 2012

Historically we have told people to report all upstream bugs against

    Product: Virtualization Tools
  Component: libvirt

We now provide much more than just the core libvirt package though. Thus
we have created a large number of new components for reporting upstream
bugs against, one for each package we distribute:

  Component: libvirt-appdev-guide  - Libvirt application development guide
  Component: libvirt-glib          - Libvirt GLib, GConfig & GObject libraries
  Component: libvirt-cim           - Libvirt CIM provider
  Component: libvirt-csharp        - Libvirt C# language bindings
  Component: libvirt-java          - Libvirt Java language bindings
  Component: libvirt-ocaml         - Libvirt OCaml language bindings
  Component: libvirt-perl          - Libvirt Perl language bindings
  Component: libvirt-php           - Libvirt PHP language bindings
  Component: libvirt-publican      - Libvirt Publican documentation templates
  Component: libvirt-sandbox       - Libvirt application sandbox toolkit
  Component: libvirt-snmp          - Libvirt SNMP agent
  Component: libvirt-tck           - Libvirt TCK (Technology Compatibility Kit)
  Component: libvirt-test-API      - Libvirt test API
  Component: libvirt-virshcmdref   - Libvirt virsh command reference
  Component: ruby-libvirt          - Libvirt Ruby language bindings

The bug reporting form is here:


NB, if you are using a binary package provided by your OS vendor, then you
should use their bug tracker for reporting bugs first. Feel free to also
report it to the libvirt upstream bug tracker at the same time though.

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