[libvirt-users] What features of kernel are required to support virDomainGetCPUStats?

Javi Legido javi at legido.com
Tue May 29 06:06:58 UTC 2012

Good morning.

Apart from accessing the guest's resources usage from virt-manager
GUI, there's any other advantage to use this layer rather than use
standard OS CPU usage via SNMP OID agent?


On 28/05/2012, Eric Blake <eblake at redhat.com> wrote:
> On 05/27/2012 10:38 PM, Zhihua Che wrote:
>> Hi,
>>     Weeks ago, I developed my app under ubuntu-11.10 (kernel 3.0) with
>> lilbvirt-0.9.10. In my code , I used virDomainGetCPUStats to query cpu
>> usage info of domains, and it worked well.
>> However, today, I port my code to ubuntu-10.04.4 (kernel 2.6.32) with
>> libvirt-0.9.10, I find the function virDomainGetCPUStats can't work
>> and complains "this function is not supported by the connection
>> driver: virDomainGetCPUStats".
> That's not a problem with your kernel, but with your libvirtd being too
> old.  virDomainGetCPUStats was not wired up for qemu until libvirt
> 0.9.11.  See here for the full table of which libvirtd versions support
> which APIs for a given URI:
> http://libvirt.org/hvsupport.html
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