[libvirt-users] win-xp guest after reboot: could not open disk image /dev/sr0: mo medium found and extreme sluggisch

Ekkard Gerlach egerlach at aiai.de
Tue May 29 12:55:18 UTC 2012


win-xp won't boot after installation. The CD is needed to boot from. How can I 
convince win-xp to boot?

That's what I did: 
I installed win-xp guest on debian squeeze: 

# virt-install --connect qemu:///system --name winxp-prof --ram 1024 \
--disk path=/dev/vg-levo/winxp-kvm,size=10 \
--network bridge:br0 --vnc --os-variant winxp --cdrom /dev/sr0

/dev/vg-levo/winxp-kvm  is a lvm (logical volume, 10GB)

Installation worked, but was extrem slow. Machine: Lenovo B560, core i3, 6 GB RAM.

WinXP made a normal reboot after installation, I ejected install cd, then: 

virt-manager output:
Error starting domain: internal error Process exited while reading console log output:
chard device redirected to /dev/pts/2
qemu: could not open disk image /dev/sr0: mo medium found

So I inserted the CD and a black blanc screen appeared. Windows didn't boot.

I deleted installation configuration: # virsh undefine winxp-prof
I invoked virt-install (see above) once again ... and win-xp is booting ... what 
a surprise, without installing again after undefine .. ! The reason: the lvm partition 
was not deleted. 

WinXP now always needs a CD to boot and is extreme sluggisch. Right mouse click lasts about 
one minute!


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