[libvirt-users] build error on CentOS 5

Ben Clay rbclay at ncsu.edu
Thu Nov 1 18:41:00 UTC 2012

I'm getting the following error when building libvirt 10.2 from source in
CentOS 5:


  CC     libvirt_util_la-processinfo.lo

util/processinfo.c: In function 'virProcessInfoGetAffinity':

util/processinfo.c:164: error: invalid operands to binary |


The line in question is:


162    for (i = 0 ; i < maxcpu ; i++)

163        if (CPU_ISSET(i, &mask))

164            VIR_USE_CPU(map, i);


Where VIR_USE_CPU is defined as the following in libvirt.h:


#define VIR_USE_CPU(cpumap,cpu) (cpumap[(cpu)/8] |= (1<<((cpu)%8)))


I have glibc 2.5 installed, which is why CPU_ALLOC is undefined (added in
2.7).  I'm also using a custom 2.6.32 kernel.  I can provide configure
output and any additional system details if necessary.


Has anyone else seen this?


Ben Clay

rbclay at ncsu.edu


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