[libvirt-users] [LXC][Openstack] Clarifications needed on usage of libvirt-lxc for openstack

Rudy Godoy rudy at stone-head.org
Sun Nov 11 04:12:30 UTC 2012


On Sat, Nov 10, 2012 at 12:01:17AM +0530, Sujay M wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I've some doubts regarding the usage/working of libvirt-lxc with openstack.
> I'm doing a project titled "Low density virtualization for Storage cloud"
> 1. Can i use libvirt for lxc with Openstack swift alone (excluding nova,
> glance and keystone)? If no what other openstack components should i use
> for virtualization? (Is it necessary to install openstack nova to do
> virtualization with libvirt-lxc?)

Not really, LXC can be used indenpendently from any Cloud PaaS. Since it's
kernel-space based the only thing you need is a >=2.6 kernel, and the user
space tools (lxc-tools).
> 2. How virtualization for storage services work ? Any good articles.
> 3. I want to set up a cloud storage environment with low density
> virtualization ie lxc. I'm using Openstack swift (Object storage) for
> storage services. I want to virtualize this. Few resources on how i can do
> this using libvirt-lxc?

I'm not familiar with Openstack Swift but it looks to me that you can use it
indeed. One thing you have to have in mind is that lxc is not exactly virtualization
per-se, but a sort of 'chroot on steroids' that allows more flexibility for
use cases such application container.

Libvirt has a driver for lxc allowing to interface smoothly from your application.
Meaning that you can use libvirt API to manage lxc containers. Of course
there are many virtualization features that are not available from libvirt for


Rudy Godoy

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