[libvirt-users] unable to ping from guests in virbr0 to guests in virbr1 network

Rudy Godoy rudy at stone-head.org
Mon Nov 19 13:35:18 UTC 2012

On Mon, Nov 19, 2012 at 12:09:53PM +0530, mallapadi niranjan wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have 3 guests (2-RHEL4 and 1 RHEL6) and have some issues regarding
> networking between them. The 2 RHEL4 system's use default bridge virbr0 and
> get ip's of range  (,
> I created another bridge (virbr1) with NAT forwarding (no dhcp). The
> network i choose was And the third system (RHEL6) was
> assigned static ip-addres,
> >From the RHEL6 system which uses virbr1 is able to ping systems in
> series , but  guest systems in are not
> able to ping RHEL6 system (in virbr1) network.
> >From the RHEL4 guests i am able to ping the gateway ip's (,
> , but not the RHEL6 system

That's correct behavior, because the networks are in different ranges
they need to have a way to talk to each other, either via a gateway or
fixed routing.

btw, Why do you need your hosts in separate networks?

You may want to check this page on libvirt networking.


Rudy Godoy

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