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[libvirt-users] Attaching storage to a virtual machine

I am slightly lost trying to attach some storage to a functioning virtual machine. If this where a real machine, I would simply be trying to mount a LVM volume.

I have found a lot of documentation about adding storage pools, but I'm unsure if that is actually what I should be doing. Is that just for storage of the virtual machines themselves? Once I'd added my LVM volume group to virsh I could see no way of then assigning one volume of that to be offered as a logical volume to one particular virtual machine.

I've also seen this: http://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/Fedora/13/html/Virtualization_Guide/sect-Virtualization-Virtualized_block_devices-Adding_storage_devices_to_guests.html#proc-Virtualization-Adding_storage_devices_to_guests-Adding_physical_block_devices_to_virtualized_guests

Looks like I could use that to assign one of the LVM volumes in my LVM volume group to the VM.

If anyone could explain the different function of these two techniques and which sounds applicable I would be most grateful.



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