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Re: [libvirt-users] correct way to hot-add cdrom ?

Daniel P. Berrange писал 2013-12-05 13:33:
On Thu, Dec 05, 2013 at 01:28:07PM +0200, Alexandr Gluzskiy wrote:
Alexandr писал 2013-12-02 09:36:
>Good day to all. i have problems with cdrom hot adding code. currently
>i using virDomainAttachDevice with type=file, device=cdrom, dev=hdc,
>this code works for machine with one ide hdd and one ide cdrom, but
>this not work for machine with only one ide hdd, and i looking for
>solution to hot add cdrom to machine independent of existing devices
>or i need way to determinate which target device can be attached to
>vm. thanks in advance for any help.

There is no way to hotplug a CDROM device - only disk devices can be

For CDROM/Floppy devices it is looking for an existing device with the
given name, and then trying to change the removable media in that device. The error you're getting shows that there is no such CDROM device with the
name 'vda' in the guest already.

i have tested following

evil-desktop sss # virsh -d 0 attach-disk fuck
/home/sss/cd/mhdd32ver4.6.iso vdb --type cdrom
attach-disk: domain(optdata): fuck
attach-disk: source(optdata): /home/sss/cd/mhdd32ver4.6.iso
attach-disk: target(optdata): vdb
attach-disk: type(optdata): cdrom
attach-disk: found option <domain>: fuck
attach-disk: <domain> trying as domain NAME
error: Failed to attach disk
error: internal error: No device with bus 'virtio' and target 'vdb'


thank you for reply..
oh..., i have already implemented workaround for my needs, but it's much harder than just create iso images.
thank you anyway.

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