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[libvirt-users] BZ1042505: Upon assigning addresses to new virtio-serial ports, libvirt can over-allocate


(Not sure if this would be better suited for libvir-list,
but here it goes!)

I filed a bug last week regarding the way in which libvirt
assigns addresses to virtio-serial ports.


To summarize, adding more than 31 ports causes problems
because libvirt assigns them all to a single controller,
which has a max of 31 (or less if the controller has a
ports attribute).

I was wondering, in general (eg. for things other than
virtio-serial ports), are address assignments done by
libvirt considered 'best efforts' (ie. we don't guarantee
that it will work) or part of the 'promise' to the [API]
user? (Ie. it should always result in a functioning
virtual machine)

I might be interested in working on a patch for this if
it is considered worthwhile.



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