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Re: [libvirt-users] Connect libvirt to iSCSI target

On 12/23/2013 08:37 AM, Marco wrote:


>> Still the whole issue occurred in late October which I is within the
>> same time frame of 1.1.4 which you are using.  So what is your libiscsi
>> version.
> My libiscsi version is 1.4.0

That could be the issue... From the upstream github libiscsi repo, the
following commit could be what's causing your issue:


According to how I read the commit - the fix is in 1.10.0.

Without using some sort of packet/network sniffer or getting a more
clear error message regarding that the failure was because there's a
"%3A" in the libvirt created URI, I cannot say for sure. But I would
certainly be inclined to believe that could be the problem.

The libvirt API 'virURIFormat()' will call 'xmlSaveUri()' to generate a
URI from whatever is found in the pool or domain XML. I know that the
generated URI has a '%3A' in it from my experience...


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