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Re: [libvirt-users] failing connections w/ virt-manager

Am 08.10.2013 14:46, schrieb Stefan G. Weichinger:

>> Try enabling the flag, re-emerging the package, setting the logs and
>> then reproduce it again.  Check the logs and you should see why it's
>> disconnecting.

The docs say that libvirtd has to listen on the TCP port ... checked that:

# netstat -alnp | grep libv
tcp        0      0 *
LISTEN      4568/libvirtd

libvirtd runs with UID root so I assume the user I use to connect with
has to be root as well?

I see no group-specification in libvirtd.conf, only for UNIX sockets ...

tested with my user sgw (in groups qemu, kvm, libvirt) and root ... same

>From my client I see the open port with nmap:

16509/tcp open  unknown

so there should be no firewall topic ...

Increased logs on the libvirtd-server, so far it only says:

 End of file while reading data: Input/output error

I have to play with the log settings now.


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