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[libvirt-users] Installing tcp/ssh drivers for libvirt


Can somebody please point me to documentation regarding installing libvirt and the associated drivers from .rpms?  I tried to compile from sources, but not sure where can I get the drivers from.  What I get from the ./configure script is the following -

configure:71547: Drivers
configure:71551:       Xen: no
configure:71553:      QEMU: yes
configure:71555:       UML: yes
configure:71557:    OpenVZ: yes
configure:71559:    VMware: yes
configure:71561:      VBox: yes
configure:71563:    XenAPI: no
configure:71565:  xenlight: no
configure:71567:       LXC: no
configure:71569:      PHYP: no
configure:71571:       ESX: no
configure:71573:   Hyper-V: no
configure:71575: Parallels: no
configure:71577:      Test: yes
configure:71579:    Remote: yes
configure:71581:   Network: yes
configure:71583:  Libvirtd: yes
configure:71585: Interface: no
configure:71587:   macvtap: no
configure:71589:  virtport: no

If there were a yum repository where I could download the daemon and the drives, that'd be great?  Any advice would be appreciated.


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