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Re: [libvirt-users] A RFE for libvirt

On Wed, Oct 30, 2013 at 07:49:22AM -0400, shyu wrote:
> Hi libvirt guys,
> I am an newbie to libvirt. There is an requirement for libvirt:
> Every time I want to rename an guest by virsh command, I need to virsh
> edit origin_guest(edit the name,delete/edit the uuid) after that a new
> guest with the same configuration as origin_guest was defined,
> then virsh undefine origin_guest.
> Seems it's a little complex, so should be there an virsh command like 
> "virsh rename origin_guest new_guest"?
> I know I can use virt-manager to rename an guest,but if there is an
> virsh command can do it, I think it's much useful.

There's no libvirt API for guest rename, though one has often been
requested. It would be non-trivial (potentially impossible) to make
it work for running guests, but certainly doable for inactive guests.

Patches welcome from anyone interested in tackling it... If you focus
on the inactive guest rename only, it would be a fairly simple piece
of work that is a good introduction to writing code for libvirt & its
QEMU/KVM driver.

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