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On 04/27/2014 10:42 AM, Taimur Al Said wrote:
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Please follow the advice that you were given, by NOT replying directly
to an entire digest message.

> I guess my query was clear. However, I'll make it clearer.
> I know that the such events are caused by the hypervisor. Either directly
> or using tools such as Libvirt. The question is: can such events be
> detectable from the VM level? In another word, can the VM tell if it was
> being paused/rebooted/migrated/etc?

If you want to inform the VM that it has been paused, then it is up to
you to wire up that communication channel.  For example, the qemu guest
agent includes a set-time command that allows a hypervisor to tell the
guest to recheck its notion of the current time, useful for getting the
guest to sync back to the current time after the hypervisor has resumed
the guest from sleep.  But it still leaves the burden on the management
application to invoke this guest-agent command at the right sequence
points; it's not something that libvirt will automate.

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