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[libvirt-users] Difficulty configuring Cgroups on redhat/centos

Hello All,
            i am trying to set "memory.limit_in_bytes" for all process
created by libvirt.But i am not able to achieve this on RHEL systems
in Ubuntu servers creating memory cgroup for "libvirt-qemu" user
solves the issue.But in case of RHEL system i tried to create a group
by editing "cgconfig.conf" and then changing cgrules.conf and
restarted cgconfig and libvirtd but still virtual machines are not
following what is mentioned in config,instead they follow cgroup
libvirt/qemu/virtualmachine-name ,is there any way i can set global
cgroup values for all process rather editing each process
configuration or how can i configure libvirt to use new configuration
file and use that group instead of default libvirt/qemu/ cgroup.


mount {
        cpuset  = /cgroup/cpuset;
        cpu     = /cgroup/cpu;
        cpuacct = /cgroup/cpuacct;
        memory  = /cgroup/memory;
        devices = /cgroup/devices;
        freezer = /cgroup/freezer;
        net_cls = /cgroup/net_cls;
        blkio   = /cgroup/blkio;
group kvm {
       perm {
                admin {
                        uid = root;
                        gid = root;
                task {
                        uid = qemu;
                        gid = kvm;
       memory {
                memory.limit_in_bytes = 61G;

and this on cgrules.conf

qemu            memory          kvm

Thanks for your help

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