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[libvirt-users] C group hierarchy and libvirtd

On Centos 6.4 x64,with libvirt-0.10.2-18.el6.x86_64  i am trying to
set "memory.limit_in_bytes" for all qemu process.
changed "cgconfig.conf"

group mygroup{
       perm {
                admin {
                        uid = root;
                        gid = root;
                task {
                        uid = qemu;
                        gid = kvm;
       memory {
                memory.limit_in_bytes = 61G;

and also added  "CGROUP_DAEMON=memory:/mygroup" in sysconfig/libvirtd
and in cgrules.conf and then restarted services.

Now i can see created virtual machines use cgroup hierarchy
"/cgroup/memory/mygroup/libvirt/qemu/virtualmachine1/" instead of

The issue is "memory.limit_in_bytes" set to "mygroup" is getting
applied only to libvirtd process.VM are not following
memory.limit_in_bytes set to "mygroup".

1. how can i set this globally so that all virtual machines follow
that, i dont want to create a new group for that if libvirt supports
2.Is there any way i can avoid extra hierarchy and create virtual
machines memory cgroup under "/cgroup/memory/kvm/" instead of
"/cgroup/memory/mygroup/libvirt/qemu/" ?

please help me fix this issue.I have this working on ubuntu servers
where i specified "libvirt-qemu" user and VMs follow that cgroup for


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